Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life is like a sun... It sets to rise again!

Life is beautiful when I come to encounter the various colours of life... the different forms of clouds that block the sunshine, people of different personalities and characters that I have dealt with, and most importantly, how I see things... How I see things will make all the difference. Throughout my life, I have come across many obstacles, problems and emotional breakdowns that not many people of my age would come across... The emotional breakdowns I had, brought me close to the thin line into the world of insanity, I almost lost my life.... The feeling that I would never ever want to get into anymore...  Yet, I managed to overcome them. And here I am, sharing these with you... Undeniably, these challenges made me stronger than I used to be. The incredible power that I have to overcome them makes me realise that I am strong, within...
"Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the tree." -J. Willard Marriot.
Life do shape people. I never blame God for the tough times I need to go through... What goes around comes around. Maybe it's my retribution for the bad things I did in the past. I accept them with an open heart. This mind set of mine makes me feel very grateful, for I am gifted to be able to see things differently and take things positively, although sometimes I do get depressed.

Laughter, is my best medicine... My sun sets to rise again with laughter and to bloom the earth with flowers... I laugh a lot, which people might find it annoying... I don't care... I am who I am, I do not have to be what other people want me to as long as I don't hurt people. I, am born to laugh. As Charlie Chaplin said, "A day without laughter is a day wasted." Cherish every moment with laughter as I might not be able to laugh again tomorrow... So why not laugh... I am blessed!

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